Absolutely, we service the Javai kiosks everyday with fresh beans, milk, syrups and toppings!

All hot drinks are served in Tall (12 oz) size! All iced drinks are servved in Grande (16 oz) size!

Absolutely, Javai was built with state of the art equipment used in high end coffee shops around the world. The main difference is that Javai was built with artificial intelligence which makes the coffee creation process much faster than what a human could provide! You can expect consistency every time with Javai!

Javai will make your drink in under 60 seconds!

Javai is built with a POS machine that accepts all major credit cards, Apple pay, Google pay and MonyX!

Chocolate Powder, Cinnamon, Chai Spice, Oreo Crumbles, Toffee Bites, Tumeric!

Javai offers six syrups to choose from which include: lemon, hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, classic and sea salted caramel!

Absolutely, you can choose for your drink to be either iced or hot!

Absolutely, Javai has three levels of sweetness so you can choose the sweetness level that suits your taste!

Unfortunately you might need to skip our milk based drinks, but we also offer the Espresso and Americano which are milk-free drinks!

Team Javai has carefully sourced beans from local Denver Colorado suppliers who provide only the best quality beans available to the market!

Team Javai gets all ingredients from local Denver Colorado vendors!

Absolutely, Javai is focussed on quality organic ingredients only!